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The HONOR Magic 5 Pro's Hawk-eye Camera

In fact, the Hawkeye camera is just a multi-dimensional metaphor, such as a faster camera startup speed, faster-focusing speed, faster night shooting speed, and faster imaging speed. It is not the kind of latent telephoto that we imagine to see further, so combined with the above points, in this blog, we have a chat about the HONOR Magic 5 series of "eagle Eye" camera technology, and analysis of its quality shooting technology.


HONOR Magic 5 series "Hawk-eye" Camera Technology


What is A "Hawk-eye Camera"

The essence of the "eagle eye camera" on the HONOR Magic 5 series refers to the shooting ability of the HONOR Magic 5 rear camera with the same fast focus as the eagle eye to achieve a clear capture effect. And this phone in the hardware, the algorithm is also a part of the principle of hawk-eye imaging: hawk-eye has two fovea, two retinal fovea function is different, one dedicated to the front view, one dedicated to the side view, each fovea for seeing things six times more cells than people, so the eagle's field of view will be larger, and here with the phone in the ultra-wide-Angle lens 9 is closer. The eagle's pupil is large, which can minimize the line of light entering the eye, so you can see more clearly at a distance, which is similar to the large aperture carried by the mobile phone, the larger the aperture, the greater the amount of light, the brighter the brightness of the photo taken.


The HONOR Magic 5 Series 'Hawk-eye' Technology

From the perspective of the specifications and configuration of the HONOR Magic 5 Pro in terms of image hardware, the main imaging principles of the Hawkeye basically correspond to large aperture, zoom shooting, multi-focal segment fusion shooting, ultra-wide-Angle shooting, anti-glare and anti-vibration, and many other factors are all available. Then superimpose the shooting algorithm of HONOR, this time especially some capturing functions and the powerful computing power brought by the processor, you can achieve a very good capturing effect.


Front Camera

For both solo and group selfies, the 12-megapixel front-facing camera, 100-degree smart wide-angle selfie portrait mode, and AI anti-distortion in the upper left corner of the front are useful features. Adjacent to it is a three-dimensional depth-sensing camera that enhances the security of facial recognition and facial payment systems.


Rear Camera

The HONOR Magic5 Pro features an updated version of the iconic Eye of the Muse design, 3.0, which is modeled after a black hole in the galaxy and symbolizes the spirit of HONOR's cosmic exploration. The outer ring is encircled by a circle, and the three rear cameras together form a solid triangle.



It can be said that the HONOR Magic 5 series is very much in place in terms of the capture function. With this phone in hand, the next time you encounter those beautiful things that flash in front of your eyes, you can quickly save the record, and you can post it on social software to gain some admiration.